Flarnek's third consecutive bite on Lunatone
Species Seviper
Status Dead

Caught Level 14, Route 8
Died Level 21, Route 11
Killer Psychic Emanuel's Sigilyph
Biggest Success Defeated Rising Star Manon's Lunatone
Death Quote Here comes the psybeam...eeeEEHHEHEH- FLARNEK....! I'm so sorryyy...

Flarnek is a Pokemon Jared caught at level 14. He was captured on Part 9 of the Y series, but wasn't introduced to the main team until Part 11, in which he replaced Growrp who met his fate.

Jared was not entierly enthusiastic when he was met with Flarnek, stating that Sevipers are "dumb". However, Jared's attitude started to change after Flarnek had cleanly defeated Rising Star Manon's infamous Lunacone, along with one-shotting a wild Snubbull with Venomshock.

In Part 14 "Growing On Me", of which Flarnek inspired the name, Jared was faced with a decision while facing a wild Sigilyph, who to sacrifice in order to defeat him. In the end, he sacrificed Flarnek as being the lesser important, of which was a "bummer" to Jared.

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