Jared, Josh and Austin fight two monsters in one episode! The Mizutsune and the Glavenus.

Flawless Victory (Mizutsune & Glavenus Hunt!) ¦ Monster Hunter Generation
Upload Date July 25th 2016
Series Monster Hunter Generations

Armor Set Armor set: Zinogre

Weapon: Verdant Rapier Hunter Style: Guild

Synopsis Edit

Jared, Josh (Shyun) and Austin (Tadorin) continue to play Monster Hunter Generations. Josh and Austin both wave. Jared has only fought the Mizutsune once. Jared takes a 'zappy' sword as it shoots bubbles. Austin has a crab sword.

They arrive at the monster, which is screaming. He shoots bubbles. Josh wishes he could shoot bubbles. Jared tries to cut off its tail. Jared harvests some Wyvern Tears. Jared tries to mount the Mizutsune. It keeps on getting knocked over. Jared cuts off the tail.

The Mizutsune tries to run away, but Jared stuns it. The Mizutsune is defeated. It was a disappointing victory. Mizutsune sucks, and Jared kicks it's dead corpse.

They decide to make this a double feature, and fight the Glavenus as well. They make 'fireworks' after the battle.

Jared didn't want to be in the volcano. Glavenus has a long tail, and Jared gets whipped by it. Jared gets set on fire. They want to attack the tail so it can't use it anymore. Glavenus is knocked over, and they all attack its tail. Jared finds a Flaming Bersa. Josh chips the Glavenus's horn. The Glavenus is knocked down again, and the party continues to attack. Glavenus heads underground.

Jared breaks something on Glavenus's face. Josh tries to launch Jared, but fails several times. They all get bitten and are set on fire. Jared runs out of cooling drink and is set on fire again. They accidentally kill the Glavenus. They thought it wasn't limping! Jared didn't even know what its limping animation looks like! Jared edits the footage so it looked like they won! He sings the victory music.

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