Jared plays a game about masturbating - and gets his dick set on fire!

Furiously Masturbating | What's Under Your Blanket?!
Upload Date March 16th 2016
Series none


Synopsis Edit

This game is about masturbating. Jared begins to jerk off without getting caught! Jared gets caught straight away. Jared gets caught by an upset man. Jared thinks he needs to turn the music down. Jared thinks the bedroom looks very large.

A cat enters the room, and Jared has to kick the cat away! Jared gets a fart noise as he gets caught. Jared wonders why all the parents are checking on the kid every few seconds. Jared gets a Godlike combo, and the cops barge into his room! Jared panics before laughing at how crazy that was. The guy's dick is set on fire!

Jared gets close to winning, when he is caught right at the end. Jared questions the technique the guy is using, and the guy's dick is almost set on fire again. The cat enters again, and Jared wants to keep going, but he can't. He succeeds, and has to arm wrestle! Jared succeeds.

Round 2 starts, as he is at his computer masturbating. The guy's dick is set on fire! Jared has to start all over again. Jared questions the different dad. Grandpa wanders around the room. Everyone in the house is so rude by not closing the door. Jared is set on fire right at the very end. Jared completes the level, and arm wrestle again.

The next level takes place in a hospital. Jared is caught by the nurse, and has to kick her out! Jared beats the level. Jared has to masturbate in the gym! He beats the level and arm wrestles again. Jared wonders if he is wrestling Jim Sterling. He has to masturbate under the Christmas tree. Jared is exhausted as he ends the video.

Jared is the champion masterbater!

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