Jared hates spikes, conveyer belts, giant drills, and robots who feel sorry for him and gives him 1-Ups!

GRAB THE LEDGE ¦ Mighty Number 9 #4
Upload Date July 19th 2016
Series Mighty Number 9


Synopsis Edit

Jared heads to the Military Base. This level looks exactly the same as the last level, and ignores what the characters are saying. Jared discovers that explosions hurt! Some enemies take one hit, and others take more for some reasons. Jared ends up dying after taking damage over time. Jared would appreciate if more health was scattered around the levels.

Cryosphere is freezing enemies in the background. Jared feels sorry for speedrunners of this game. Jared gets stuck in a conveyer belt section. Jared enters the boss door. Jared is confused as to what Battalion is. Jared spams his ice attack. Jared hopes he gets a gun arm, and gets exactly that.

Jared heads into the mine. Jared falls onto spikes, and gets frustrated. He doesn't know where to land, as there is a text box in the way! Jared gets crushed by a moving platform! Jared yells at the characters to shut up so he can move onto a platform. When he pauses to wait for the platform, the platform crushes him into the ceiling!

The game gives him some stuff, feeling sorry for him for dying so much! Jared continues to struggle, and gets another game over. Jared desperately wants the characters to stop talking. Jared heads under the platform, ignoring the items. Jared notices that this game doesn't really have secrets.

Jared finds a 1-Up. The professor can no longer contact Beck. He was no use to him anyway. Jared can't shoot down, and gets stuck above explosive barrels as a giant drill charges towards him. Jared finds that he could shoot through walls using the red power up. Jared panics, as he dies from not being able to grab onto the ledge.

Jared gets another game over, after not being able to grab onto the ledge. He eventually gets past it, and finds another section where he is being chased. The character that gives items feeling sorry for Jared gives him a 1-Up! Battralion helps out by getting rid of the giant drill.

Jared finally reaches the boss. Seismic sights Beck. Jared has to heal during the battle, and soon wins. The game is struggling to keep up, so Jared has to end the video. Beck is now a bulldozer. Another cutscene plays, and Jared is worried about how badly his computer is struggling. Jared points out that a character in the text is the wrong color. Jared has to end the video before the end of the cutscene.

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