Jared makes a Monster Hunter video sponsored by Capcom, and in it, he takes on a Gypceros.

GYPCEROS HUNT! -- Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Upload Date January 23rd 2015
Series none


Synopsis Edit

Jared is excited about Monster Hunter 4, and Jared is happy to endorse this game until the end of time. Jared reaches his destination, and goes through the history of the Gypceros - it hasn't been seen in a Monster Hunter game for a long time.

Jared tries to taunt the Gypceros, but it jumps out and scares him. Jared is shocked to see it climb on the ceiling until it falls off. The fight begins, and Jared starts slashing at it. Jared's partner Bagoom is already attacked and blinded. The Gypceros isn't doing too much damage, but Jared thinks it may be due to his armor. He keeps on stabbing the Gypceros. It gets angry, and Jared realizes that this monster is tougher than it used to be. The Gyceros leaves.

Jared finds it again, and slashes at it. Other monsters keep on getting in the way. The Gypceros is killed. Or not, because it likes to play dead! Jared didn't fall for it of course. Jared just slashes at its face. It doesn't take much longer it to be killed, and Jared takes his rewards.