Jared fishes for garbage, talks to villagers and discovers a mine.

Garbage Fishing | Stardew Valley #2
Upload Date March 4th 2016
Series Stardew Valley


Synopsis Edit

Jared realizes that he bought one potato seed and one parsnip seed! He went back to the store to buy more seeds. He plants and waters them. Jared isn't used to playing this kind of game with a mouse and keyboard. Jared searches for an acorn to make a snack. He finally makes his snack and looks pleased.

Jared continues to search for acorns, and keeps finding pine cones which were difficult to find before! He goes fishing and fishes up some cola and other garbage. Why is there so much cola in his pond? It is getting late - and Jared finds actual trash! He's done for the night! He goes to bed.

He levels up. Jared earns a small amount of money. He finds a parsnip fully grown as he waters the rest of his crops. Jared crafts a scarecrow. Jared also needs to make a coop for the animals. He chops down more trees. A lot of the game seems to have opened up straight away. Jared has some fertilizer, but can't use it on his crops yet. Jared cuts down trees for a while to build his coop. Jared discovers some clay on his way to the village. He talks to some children in the village.

Jared talks to people in the village and looks around as he discusses the friend mechanics. He makes it to the library, and then the blacksmith. Jared points out the sewers, the homeless man and the dude that looks like a woman! Jared fixes a bridge, and finds a lot of stuff on the other side.

Jared tries to throw his pinecones away, but he keeps on picking them up! He collects some coral. Jared shows the fast and slow movement, and wishes he could move faster. Jared's character is getting tired.

Jared walks into a mine. Jared is given a sword! Jared is excited as he plays with his new sword. There is a lot to this game! Jared heads back to his home to sleep.

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