Jared searches for ghosts in a graveyard in Pokemon Go with Commander Holly.

Ghosts in the Graveyard ¦ Pokemon GO (feat. Commander Holly)
Upload Date July 15th 2016
Series none


Synopsis Edit

Jared is joined by Commander Holly. They are driving, and Holly explains that she texted Jared saying that she was going to a graveyard to catch Pokemon! They want to catch ghost Pokemon. When they arrive, an egg hatches.

There is an Onix nearby. The egg hatches a Krabby. Jared loves Krabby! He calls it Pinchlop. Jared talks about a guy who fell into a pond while streaming the game. Jared sees people in the distance who are the clearly using the lures at the PokeStop. Jared gets a medal for visiting 100 PokeStops. 

No one wants to admit that they are playing Pokemon in a graveyard. Everyone left when they arrived! Jared sees an Omanyte on his radar. They discuss fighting a gym together. They are both on the same team. Someone tells Jared and Holly where Omanyte is. Going to a graveyard does not spawn ghost types.

Jared catches a Geodude. There is a Geodude near Holly! Jared sees the Omanyte in the bushes. He catches it. Jared finds a Slowpoke he hasn't caught as well. Jared almost drops his phone catching it! He catches a Mankey as he points out more people capturing Pokemon.

Holly points out a weird tomb. They were warned not to fall into open graves. Jared sits behind a rock. His Pokemon are very low leveled compared to the gym. He levels up Jeflump.

Jared struggles in the gym to a Sandslash. His Omanyte squirts Sandslash down. Snorlax comes in to beat up Jared's Pokemon. Holly's game is bugged out. Jared can't take down the Snorlax. Jared's Ponyta vanishes. All of Jared's good Pokemon are dead!

Jared has plenty of Revives and Potions to heal. Idilsor has returned. They battle together. Jared's game struggles to load. Holly and Jared see each other's Pokemon in the battle. Holly hits Snorlax with a powerful flamethrower. Snorlax goes down, and they have to continue battling to get rid of the gym's prestige.

Holly's game freezes again, so Jared has to battle on his own. Snorlax is taken down again. They prepare to take over the gym. Holly will be the 'king' of the gym. Jeflump deserves to be in the gym. Everyone here is on the wrong team.

Holly's name is Cutescoot. She thought she was naming her first Pokemon! Jared catches a Sandshrew. They decide to leave before the place closes. They get yelled at.

Jared has to put his camera down. Jared explains that they aren't allowed to make videos of the graves. The families get upset if the graves are shown on the internet. The graveyard was an awesome place to catch Pokemon and for PokeStops. They need to break into an open graveyard at night! It was a successful adventure.

They play with a plush Gengar in the car. The Gengar attacks them!

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