Growrp using Vine Whip.
Species Simisage
Status Dead

Caught Level 4, Santalune Forest
Died Level 18, Cyllage City Gym
Killer Rising Star Didier's Dwebble
Biggest Success Defeated Professor Sycamore's Squirtle
Death Quote Oh no Growrp!!

Growrp is a Pansage Jared caught at level 4. He notably has one of the longest life-spans in the Pokémon Y play-through, but sadly received a constant amount of disdain from Jared due to it's lack of strength and usefulness, as well as his "stupid hair". Because of this, he was quickly given the nickname "Stupidface", of which Jared tended to appreciate (and use) more than his original name.

One of his first known feats during his time with Jared was assisting in capturing Teeckadee, a soon to be much more valued and effective Pokémon. After Part 2, Growrp rarely participated in fights, both trainer and wild. However after reaching level 10, Growrp learned Vine Whip, which became particularly useful for the upcoming fight against Professor Sycamore, resulting in him defeating the Professor's Squirtle single-handedly. This would stay as Growrp's most successful victory throughout his run.

Following his encounter with Professor Sycamore, Growrp continued to be rarely used, as, even though he kept consistent level growth, was still too weak to be useful in many fights. Growrp attempted a battle with Rising Star Hamish's Kadabra, but became too weak and paralyzed to finish it off. Other fights included Tourist Hiroko's Psyduck, a wild Helioptile (after being given the leaf stone), assisting in capturing Weplus, and finally, Rising Star Didier's Dwebble, in which Growrp met his fate to a long, continuous array of Rock Blast.

Growrp was actually switched out for a short period of time in Part 10, with Weplus ironically taking his place. He was switched back at the beginning of Part 11 however, due to the death of Pindil and Keeyot.

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