Jared about to fight Guidjuk for the first time
Vital statistics
Position He's holding a Pokeball? What do I even put here?
Age 16 maybe?
Status Alive?
Physical attributes
Height Depends on how big your screen is
Weight Nobody knows
Guidjuk was the rival of Jared in his Dark Cry Nuzlocke series. He is a long descendent of Guidjit, Jared's rival in his Firered Nuzlocke.

Guidjuk is the name Jared gave to his rival in his Dark Cry Nuzlocke series. He is responsible for four of the deaths of Jared's Pokemon.

Guidjuk's victims were Jefina, Fuhrdan, Nokenil, and Pachifetch. They all died in the same battle, the first being Jefina. Jefina was used as a sacrifice to Guidjuk's "Staravia" so that Jared could safely switch out into Derlen. Next was Fuhrdan, Jared's starter, he died fighting Guidjuk's Squirtle, nearly killing it. Guidjuk's third victim was Nokenil, she was used in a desperate attempt to defeat Guidjuk's Squirtle, but failed. Lastly, was Pachifetch, who also died trying to kill Guidjuk's Squirtle. After Guidjuk killed Pachifetch, Derlen was successfully able to end the battle, but that would not be the last time Jared would fight Guidjuk (unless he survived to the next rival battle that is).

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