The Waffle Crew's new friend dies, Diath can't pick locks, and a dwarvan clan is discovered.

HIGH FIVE! ¦ Eye of the Beholder #4
Upload Date December 23rd 2016
Series D&December


Synopsis Edit

Jared is finding out where he is. Jared tries to keep Taghor alive. Taghor falls unconcious and dies soon after. Jared finds a message written in dwarvish! After hi-fiving another cat to get into a door, Diath continues to fail to pick every lock.

Jared finds a non-magical medallion. Jared will wear it anyway! Jared finds that the pits go away when he hi-fives the cats. The party fights a spider. Jared opens some more doors. There is nothing in any of the rooms! Jared finds a stairway down.

There is no way to get the dwarf back, so Jared misses out on the side quest. Diath finally picks a lock successfully. The party finds a spokesman of a dwarvan clan. Dohrum joins the party. Jared finds a group of friendly dwarves. Jared has to cut the episode short. He talks about the other Eye of the Beholder games.

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