Jared confronts the hardest puzzle ever - or not.

Hardest Puzzle Ever - UNDERTALE #2
Upload Date January 9th 2016
Series Undertale


Synopsis Edit

Jared has crushed Toriel by hugging her, and is now heading out into the corridor! He sees a flower. Jared puts on a silly voice when the flower becomes angry. The flower runs away. The game is challenging Jared not to kill anyone. He is in a spooky forest, and there was a camera there. He walks cautiously around a stick.

A dark character appears as Jared is crossing a bridge. It is a skeleton called Sans. Jared has seen this guy before. Jared reads through the plot. Jared finds a fishing rod. He doesn't see the point of it. Jared doesn't care about the humor from the skeletons apart from making silly voices for them. Jared finds a snowdrake to fight. Jared spares the snowdrake by laughing at its pun.

Jared finds Doggo awkwardly holding swords, and raises his hands up when he is told not to move. Jared pets Doggo, and Jared congratulates his win. Jared makes a weed joke, and realizes his joke was right!

Jared gets confused as he reads about blue stop signs. A snowman wants to see the world, and Jared reaches his hand out and rips out the snowman. Jared solves an annoyingly easy puzzle set up by the skeletons. Jared thinks the game is supposed to be cute and funny, but doesn't see why people think it is so good. Jared wonders why there are cameras everywhere, as he pushes a snowball, and barely gets it into the hole before it melts.

Jared finds a word search puzzle. Jared thinks that crosswords are much harder than jumbles. Jared finds frozen spaghetti, and an unplugged microwave. Jared fights a lesser dog. Jared uncovers a map, and finds the switch. Jared likes the music so far. Two dogi's find Jared and want to fight. The dogs are confused by the weird smell. Jared takes a lot of damage, and gets into trouble. He ends up dying to the puppy axes!

He fights the lesser dog again, and heads back to the dogi's. The dogs like being pet by other dogs! Jared is still bad with the axes, but gets past it. Jared solves another simple puzzle. Jared now has to solve a harder version of the previous puzzle. Jared solves it easily. Jared finds a naughty picture that had to be blurred out! Jared gets some Atari flashbacks as the puzzle appears. The "puzzle" was just a simple path.

Jared finds a dog, and a monstrosity - a deer wearing a sweater. Jared decides to wrap up the video.

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