Jared plays a lot of Haven & Hearth and wanted to make a video on it. Jared wanted to tell everyone about this game, but it is still in alpha, so he can't do a review. It also isn't on KickStarter, so he can't do a Worth a Damn, so this will just be a video about the game.

Haven & Hearth
Upload Date July 12th 2013
Series Unknown


Synopsis Edit

Jared calls is a nature, survival MMO - and every decision made is permanent. The player starts lost in the woods with basic clothing and a hat. Not wearing the hat gives the character emo hair. To get learning points in the game, the player must discover EVERYTHING! The same sound effect is played for every single thing the player discovers.

Jared discusses how to play the game, and soon shows off his home that he made with his friends. They have houses, farms, a chicken coop etc. They built a wall to ward off intruders. Their protector is a shirtless guy with a pumpkin on his head named JumJumJr. Everything takes a long time to do.

Jared discusses the long process of making leather. Jared becomes agitated as he chops firewood. The music is so bad that it will get stuck in your head. Jared and friends took over a week to make their first two mine-shafts, and on the first one, it caved in so much that they suffered blunt-head trauma six times! 

Death in this game is permanent. Dying means players lose EVERYTHING and have to start all over. The biggest danger is other players. This is why they have JumJumJr - to protect them from other people. JumJum Sr. was murdered, and JumJumJr holds onto his skull. Jared and friends discovered the scent of murder - and then put it in their cabinet so it doesn't lose its freshness! 

There are a lot of cons about this game, and Jared quickly goes through a lot of them, and yet Jared plays it every day! This game has a lot of potential and it is free. If anyone comes near their walls, JumJumJr will kill them, and add their skeletons to the others. Jared is totally going to get back to work (with Virtual Hydlide on his desk). However, he continues to play Haven and Hearth while playing on his 3DS.

Note: There was also a live stream that went with this video, however it has since been lost.

Reception Edit

After initially releasing this video, the community was really happy that their game was receiving a lot of attention and complemented Jared on his video. However, after a short while, many people found Jared's house on the server and raided it, destroying everything while they weren't there. After discovering this, Jared and his friends were discouraged from playing and haven't again since.

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