Jared tries out Factorio.

I'M AN ENGINEER! ¦ Factorio #1
Upload Date January 3rd 2017
Series Factorio



Jared wishes he bought this game sooner. He played through the demo, and it was awesome. Jared is shocked by all the options he has. Jared is amazed by the enormous world, and all the stuff he can research. He descibes the game as "like Minecraft, but nothing like Minecraft".

Jared starts with collecting material, but doesn't know where to start. It starts to become dark, and Jared realizes that he is doing badly. Saying the word subscribe makes people subscribe. Jared crafts an axe. Jared finds some coal.

Jared makes a furnace, and begins to automate his world. Jared is glad that he has an end goal of launching a rocket into space. Jared creates a mining drill to harvest coal. As Jared continues to find out what he is supposed to do, everything continues to work.

Jared continues working on his world, and makes conveyer belts, so the coal can be sent to him. Jared attaches 'grabby arms' to his machines, and the machines begin transferring coal across. Jared can now make a lab after cutting down trees. He discovers that he needs electricity. Jared wants to drain a small pond for electricity. Jared struggles to get the pump system working. He can't work it out, and decides to come back on it later.

Jared needs to cut down more trees, and his pickaxe breaks. He connects the lab up to turn it on. Jared needs to research science, and crafts 30 science packs. Jared replenishes his smelters. Jared wonders if he can build a house.

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