Jared continues playing the demos at E3. This time, he plays I Am Setsuna.

I Am Setsuna - Let's Play E3!
Upload Date June 18th 2016
Series E3 2016


Synopsis Edit

Jared us playing I Am Setsuna. Jared is excited about this RPG from Square. It is like a spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger. Jared doesn't want to spoil anything for himself with story stuff.

Jared shows off a battle comparing the game to Chrono Trigger as he goes. Jared discusses the piano music that can be heard, and there is drum beats during fights. There is an isometric view like Chrono Trigger, and 2D sprite environments. Jared compares the dialog choices to Legend of Zelda, as they don't mean that much. Jared tries to skip the story, as the character is on a boat. Endir must kill this girl.

Jared is disappointed by the lack of D-Pad support and accidentally repeats the characters speech. He walks into someone's house and tries to take their stuff. The chest is locked. Jared wonders if these locked chests will act like Chrono Trigger. The overworld looks a lot like Chrono Trigger's.

Jared walks into a house and takes their stuff! Jared explores the town. His armor looks very Monster Hunter-like. Jared searches for the monument. He finds a bird creature that must die! They are going to be annoying! Jared tries to sing the Chrono Trigger music along with the battle.

Jared finds a large walrus that leaves tracks behind him. The walrus doesn't even fight back and Jared feels bad. It is more efficient to fight penguins, and Jared uses the Cyclone on two of them.

Jared arrives at the monument. Jared introduces himself as he is here to kill the girl. It is hard to not spoil the plot. The characters are teleported. Jared wants to play through the game and change all the character's names to Chrono Trigger names! Jared feels that a character's hair thing being her weapon is really cool.

Everyone is afraid of a walrus. The characters perform an attack very similar to the double attacks from Chrono Trigger. Jared kills as many walruses as he can. His sword can hit multiple enemies. That's great!

Jared wants to have a game where you have to protect someone but they are still a badass barbarian babe. Jared now fights in a triple battle against a giant bird. The characters have conversations during combat. Jared realizes that glowing red means their attack is up. Jared defeats the bird, and everyone levels up a lot.

The game looks very cool, and it is coming out in two weeks!

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