Jared plays a weird text based game. Part 2 is here.

I Just Wanted to Play Mario Kart! | The Uncle That Works At Nintendo - Part 1
Upload Date August 14th 2015
Series The Uncle That Works At Nintendo


Synopsis Edit

Jared discusses the premise behind the title of the game. It is a text based game. Jared chooses Michael as his best friend, as his actual friend's names aren't on there. Jared reads through the opening dialogue. Jared arrives at his friend's Michael's house. Jared mentions that everyone knew that kid that had way nicer stuff than them, Jared did.

As Michael's dad opens a beer, Jared  calls him an alcoholic. The game vaguely describes some consoles the character doesn't recognize, and Jared guesses at what they are. Jared hears that Star Fox is playing, and the game describes the game as similar to Goldeneye. Jared has a guess that they are playing Perfect Dark.

After reading a story about how Michael got Mew and beat everyone with it (Jared states that Mew isn't that powerful), Jared goes to the fridge to get a cold pizza before returning to the den. Jared feels that this game is giving him uneasy vibes as if it is going to get spooky. The game tells Jared that he eventually got his own Mew with a GameShark. Michael's Mew looked different.

Jared checks out the bathroom. Michael's brother is missing from all of the pictures. Jared comments that this is getting weird. Jared likes how he can hear Mario Kart sounds as the kids play Mario Kart. Someone eventually knocks at the front door. Jared comments on the weird noises that are happening as Michael's uncle walks in. Weird text starts appearing on Jared's screen and Jared's jaw drops.

The game suddenly ends, and Jared realizes that he got the first ending, and is slightly confused. Jared wants to get the other endings. It was very bizarre and unexpected.

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