Jared goes to an event to check out the new Nintendo Switch.

I Played the Nintendo Switch - Preview, Hands-On, & Thoughts
Upload Date January 16th 2017
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Synopsis Edit

The Switch has been unveiled, and Jared got to play it at the event in New York. Jared did enjoy what he was playing. This is the least Nintendo-like system since the Gamecube. All the Switch has is you can make it portable. It is very unNintendo like.

The console is surprisingly small. Jared compares the size to his 3DS. The joysticks still feel comfortable to use despite the odd layout. It was hard to judge how heavy it was due to them being tethered down. The games transfer easily from the TV to the screen. Jared saw no difference in the gameplay between the TV and the screen. The buttons on the D-Pad are weird, but are good on the menus. The Pro controllers felt great. It is way too expensive for a Pro controller.

The game line-up is better then people think. Arms is actually fun. 1-2 Switch was also fun, but probably not a game Jared would pick up at launch. One of the most fun games was Snipperclips. Jared also played Sonic Mania and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. There are 5 new characters, new courses, and returning items. Battle mode has been bought back. A bomb mode has also returned. It is worthwhile on the Switch if you did not get Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U with the DLC. Zelda will be phenominal.

The price is fine, but would be better with a packed in title. Jared will get a Switch, but you don't need it on day 1. Just get the Zelda on the Wii U if you already have one. Splatoon 2 will be coming out in summer, which will be worthwhile buying the Switch for, or Super Mario Odyssey. Odyssey will likely be delayed like Super Mario Galaxy was.

Jared doesn't know how he feels about voice chat. It is weird and bizarre. Overall, it was positive. Jared will get it because he wants to play the Nintendo games. Jared is interested in seeing how Nintendo gains and retains third party support, unlike with the Wii U. It is hard to recommend on day one, unless you really want to play Zelda.

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