Jared reads in the dark, and gets attacked by spiders, a zombie and some smoke.

I Want That Soup ¦ Alone in the Dark #2
Upload Date October 20th 2016
Series Alone in the Dark


Synopsis Edit

Jared heads back to get some ammo for his gun. He cautiously walks around the ghost ladies. Jared finds a matchbox. Jared looks in the bathroom, and finds first aid, while being attacked by an enemy in the bath. Jared throws the empty flask away. Jared wonders if the very heavy statuette will be bad. Jared finds a book, and reads it. "Pitch black room? Perfect for book reading!" "Dos your hands even queer?" Jared skips over most of what is in the book.

Jared now has bullets. Jared flees from the hatchet and an arrow, which homes in on him, killing him anyway! Edward tries to throw the statuette, which falls at his feet! The statuette kills the armor, and Jared takes the sword. Jared runs out of save slots, and has to override the first one. Jared walks into a green house, and prepares for the statue to kill him. Nothing happens, and he inspects the statue to find arrows. Spiders fall from the ceiling! "Oh shit sipders! Moonwalk out of that mess!"

Jared uses a record he just found. He tries to play music, but nothing happens. Jared thinks he might need a different song. He heads back over to the spiders. Jared impatiently walks away from the spiders. The music won't stop playing, so Jared hopes the viewer enjoys it! "Eh, it's better than low health beeps."

Jared finds a biscuit box and is disappointed by the fact that he has no eating animation. Jared runs out of space, and drops off a box to pick up a knife. Jared needs to figure out his inventory to pick up soup, and decides to get rid of the knife. After finally getting the soup, Jared enters a room with beans. "Beans! Oh wait, it's just a zombie." Jared is impressed by how easily the zombie is killed with the sword.

Jared fills his jug with water. Jared finally gets his shoe box with a revolver inside after struggling with inventory management. Jared finds a room of zombies. He serves them dinner, but it doesn't seem to work. He tries to fight the zombie, but it sits in the chair in front of Jared. This gets Jared stuck! He reloads and tries again, this time staying out of the zombie's way.

Jared finds a room filling with smoke. "420 blaze it?" The smoke deals damage. Jared grabs the lighter and leaves. Jared finds the entrance, and tries to leave. "That, is a genuine monster anus!" Jared laughs at the weird death.

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