Jared struggles with a maze, even with a map, before realizing he did not beat the boss last episode.

I have a MAP!! ¦AD&D Pool of Radiance #8
Upload Date December 29th 2016
Series D&December

AD&D: Pool of Radiance


Synopsis Edit

Jared has written down journal numbers, and it occurred to him that he has a map of the maze. Jared searches the room, and finds snakes. Jared easily kills the snakes. Jared tries to work out where he is on the map. He has a lot of trouble with it, and believes he doesn't have the part of the map for where he is. Jared goes to another part of the maze and finds where he is on the map.

Jared finds a place to rest and gets his snake charms back. He struggles to make his way through the maze. The map is not accurate, and Jared wonders why. Jared tries slicing through the maze. Jared enters another part of the tower, or so he thought. He shows on the map where he thinks he is. Jared finds a fake wall, and talks to his cat.

Jared enters the secret door. Jared decides not to jump through a trap door. Jared fights a level 1 thief. Jared finds that the dude he killed before wasn't the boss, as his name was spelled slightly differently. Jared battles a mage. The mage knocks out Brutalmoose, as well as himself.

Jared was not going to trust the mage. Jared rests in the mage's apartment. Jared goes back to the trap door. A medusa runs towards the party! The party kills the medusa before she can attack. Jared realizes that the statues were people who have been turned into stone by the medusa! Jared rests and scolds himself.

Jared walks up to a large number of 8th level guards - despite the text only saying two. The party needs to use everything they have. Holly uses a lightning bolt, and charms a person. Jirard goes down. Some of the fighters go down, but Holly and Jeff are taken out of the fight. Jared restarts before they all die.

Jared changes his spells. Jared holds onto several fighters, but he realizes that he used it on the wrong ones. Holly uses a lightning bolt across several enemies. Jirard is killed, and Jared has to restart. Jared realizes that the video has already run long, and holds off to the next episode.

"These fighters sure are tough. And to think there is a dragon to slay after we best them! I can't wait to slay a dragon! Soon enough I'll get my chance. But until then you know what to do. Like, comment, and... subscibe!"

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