Jared faces against Rex, who makes dinosaur puns, and destroys Jared's voice.

Insert Dinosaur Pun ¦ Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist #4
Upload Date August 5th 2016
Series Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy


Synopsis Edit

Jared makes a 'previously on' segment for the previous two battles. He reads through the new cutscene.

Jared struggles to remember Rex Raptor's voice. Rex's voice destroys Jared's voice. Rex is already playing a wasteland card. They each destroy one of each of their cards. Joey's deck is really bad.

Jared is confused by the Gilosaurus. Because of a trap card, Jared can't attack two turns in a row. Jared gets control of the field again by destroying Rex's cards. Jared puts in a direct attack, and the scores are even again.

Jared once again destroy's Rex's cards and attacks directly to take the lead. Jared gets further in front by continuing direct attacks. Rex uses a trap card to attack Jared's cards. Rex enables Jared to continue attacking his life points. Rex banishes one of Jared's cards. Both sides place cards face down, and Jared attacks the face down cards.

Jared finds the card he needs to win with. Jared activates a card to clear Rex's side of the board. Jared attacks directly to finally win.

That duel wasn't very interesting, so Jared decides to start on the next duel. Jared changes his mind, and will have the duel in the next video.

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