Jared plays a strange game called Forgotten.

It Is Now Safe to Turn Off Your Computer ¦ Forgotten
Upload Date January 13th 2017
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing Forgotten. This game is a horror game about being freaked out by glitches. Jared is surprised by the startup screen. Jared starts up Forgotten Blade. Jared likes the graphics. Jared attacks the dragon. The game begins to do weird things. Jared finds another creature, who wants to take over the Earth. Jared is confused.

Jared finds a ghost head. Jared has to attack the goat. The map becomes corrupted. It looks like a QR code! Jared believes that resetting the computer resets the creatures. Jared becomes sad for the creatures as he attacks them.

Everything messes up. Jared wanted to do the third option. Jared restarts the computer to try again. It doesn't do anything. Jared tries everything he can to try to do it again. Jared is frustrated that he missed stuff. Jared is sure there is more to it.

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