Here is a list of Pokemon that Jared caught throughout his nuzlocke playthroughs:

FireRed (33 Pokémon) Edit

Lagiacrus, the Wartortle

Oh,he, the Pidgeotto

Beatrice, the Rattata

Quip, the Butterfree

Shammerham, the Mankey

Jeflump, the Golbat

Halbird, the Spearow

Narbles, the Meowth

Klilocanth, the Diglett

Drubble, the Hypno

Orn, the Ekans

Splodey, the Voltorb

Hahlithick, the Onix

Xanatos, the Jolteon

Wepler, the Cubone

Burden, the Snorlax

Yessum, the Horsea

Birdiche, the Fearow

Bibtusa, the Venonat

Peridon, the Seaking

Blamblegam, the Raticate

Vettra, the Seadra

Rembit, the Gyrados

Jorm, the Lapras

Dacador, the Aerodactyl

Gworvan, the Machop

Wiggleywoo, the Tangela

Farf, the Primeape

Idilsor, the Arcanine

Q, the Magneton

Stellar, the Cloyster

Leebin, the Tentacruel

Nuptup, the Vileplume

Y (24 Pokémon) Edit

Ohshe, the Pidgey

Dumbidoom, the Psyduck

Keeyot, the Nincada

Pindil, the Flabébé

Growrp (aka Stupidface), the Simisage

Chompit, the Sandile

Chinlo, the Quilladin

Flarnek, the Seviper

Mongo, the Hariyama

Deimos, the Eevee

Weplus, the Cubone

Teeckadee, the Fletchinder

Hennhhhh, the Mr. Mime

Lurnks, the Luvdisc

Dingart, the Chatot

Prumb, the Dugtrio

Kailtes, the Lucario

Merpin, the Carnivine

Ioanin, the Gyrados

Rathalos, the Charizard

Kodlett, the Liepard

Scoogah, the Haunter

Zimlan, the Poliwhirl

Jinglejangle, the Klefki

Dark Cry (10 Pokémon) Edit

Jefina, the Zubat

Fuhrdan, the Monferno (Combusken)

Nokenil, the Spearow

Pachifetch, the Pachirisu (Farfetch'd)

Derlen, the Starly (Pidgey)

Krempop, the Butterfree

Ekrah, the Meowth

Tarp, the Rattata

Bidumb, the Bidoof (Zigzagoon)

Ubagub, the Kadabra

Alpha Sapphire (19 Pokémon) Edit

Surfnfly, the Wingull

Slurmph, the Slakoth

Warlon, the Poochyena

Doof, the Whismur

Ghim, the Grovyle

Daybo, the Dustox

Zimzy, the Plusle

Fibboo, the Numel

Tragg, the Machoke

Cordy, the Graveler

Srawling, the Swablu

Rolic, the Lombre

Purtwom, the Skitty

Ulindap, the Linoone

Tinswoob, the Spinda

GobSnamch, the Spoink

Psulidon, the Latias

Markle, the Electrike

Nanerbeard, the Tropius

Uranium (6 Pokémon) Edit

Promilgog, the Raptorch

Tunling, the Cubblfly

Eyuhur, the Mankey

Hatchak, the Barewl

Gimwah, the Smore

Wadden, the Ekans

Moon (4 Pokémon) Edit

Banlert, the Popplio

Vluro, the Pikipek

Dagwaught, the Yungoos

Squawm, the Wingull

Sun (Ongoing) Edit

Dahmbu, the Rowlet

Krallel, the Ledyba

Hrregh, the Slowpoke

Tragglegum, the Rattata (Alolan)

Chae, the Drowzee

Trooskuwor, the Misdreavus

Georf, the Zubat

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