Jefina, moments before her death
Species Zubat
Status Dead

Caught Level 8, Mt. Rocky, Part 5
Died Level 8, Luciva City, Part 6
Killer Rival Guidjuk's "Staravia"
Biggest Success Buying the team sometime
Death Quote "Just so I can switch out without taking damage"
Jefina was a female Zubat Jared had in his Dark Cry Nuzlocke series. Jefina is named similarly to Jeflump, a Zubat that evolved into a Golbat in Jared's Firered Nuzlocke.

Jared caught Jefina in Mt. Rocky, and didn't use her until a battle with Guidjuk on the Nugget Bridge. This is the same battle Jefina died in, where she was used as a sacrifice so that Jared could safely switch out into Derlen.

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