Jinglejangle using Dazzling Gleam
Species Klefki
Status Dead

Caught Level 36, Lost Hotel, Part 26
Died Level 38, Lost Hotel, Part 26
Killer Wild Magneton
Biggest Success Sweeping Punk Kid Sid's Team
Death Quote "Jinglejangle, you were fun while it lasted, but this is where I fall. Do not let go of my past. Lost forever in these- in this hotel. AHHHHAHHHHAHHH!!!"
Jinglejangle was a female Klefki Jared caught in Part 26 of Jared's Pokemon Y Nuzlocke series, which was Jared's final capture and Jared's last Pokemon to die. Jared didn't think Jinglejangle would do too much, that is, until she did.

After Zimlan died, Jared sent out Jinglejangle as one last hope against Punk Guy Sid's Scrafty. Jared had Jinglejangle use Dazzling Gleam, which one-shot the Scrafty, this surprised Jared as he didn't know what Fairy was strong against.

It was looking good, many of the Pokemon in the area were weak to Fairy, but then came a wild Magneton. Jared tried to run, but it was to no avail, the Magneton had the ability Magnet Pull! (Magnet Pull prevents running and switching out). Jared started by using Imprison, so that the Magneton couldn't use Mirror Shot, and then he had Jinglejangle use Foul Play, which took about 1/6 of the Magneton's health. Then, came the final move of the series. The Magneton used Spark and killed Jinglejangle. The Nuzlocke had been lost.

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