Jared begins his Pokemon journey, and has trouble catching Clefairy's.

Jumpy Bastard ¦ Pokemon GO!
Upload Date July 8th 2016
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Jared throws a Poke Ball and misses. Jared is playing Pokemon Go. The game just came out, and Jared doesn't walk enough, so he decided to go out. He doesn't know where he is. Jared finds it ridiculous that people wanted Pokemon in real life, and the spirit of walking around catching Pokemon is there. It is a hot day. If Ash can do it, Jared can - and Ash sucks!

Jared checks out a dead end. He finds a congrats Grad balloon. Jared struggles to find Pokemon, and can see some grass in another street.

Jared stands next to the grass rustling. He heads over to it, running across the street. Jared is standing on the Pokemon, but nothing shows up. Jared wonders if it is inside someone's house. He walks into their front yard, looking around sheepishly.

Jared can't find his Mankey. Jared uses some Incence, and finds a Paras. Jared nails it with the first throw, and catches it. He didn't have a Paras yet.

Jared wants to keep looking for Pokemon. He wants to get to level 5! Jared sees a Paras and a Clefairy. He heads over to the Clefairy. He sneaks up to where the Clefairy is. The Clefairy has a yellow ring, making it harder to catch. It is hard to catch Pokemon one handed! The Clefairy jumps over the ball! It is eventually caught. The game struggles to load. The game is frozen.

Jared boots the game back up. He goes to catch the Clefairy again. This Clefairy will be easier to catch. The game freezes again. Jared begs and lies down on the grass hoping it will work. The servers aren't up to it yet. Jared decides to catch the Clefairy as he lies on the grass. The Clefairy does not want to be caught! Clefairy is finally caught. He names it Lagg.

Jared thought about going into a high voltage area, with signs saying No Tresspassing. Jared thinks about climbing under the fence. He decides against it. He sees a Rattata, and doesn't have one yet. Jared is pumped as it is caught. It is not a good Rattata! Jared is sweating and is tired, so he decides to finish up.

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