Jared is terrified as a party member is kidnapped, and another characters falls off a ledge.

KIDNAPPED! ¦ Sweet Home #2
Upload Date October 5th 2017
Series Sweet Home


Synopsis Edit

Jared finds a mouse, and tries to catch it. Everyone levels up after fighting bats. Jared is confused by a skull - until a snake comes out to attack, resulting in a party member becoming poisoned. Jared finds an empty room - which throws them out. Jared finds out that using a potion heals everyone. Jared is horrified as one of the party members is taken away!

Jared sadly finds the third fresco. A party member starts falling down a hole! Jared uses a rope to save a party member. It was very scary. Wood is flimsy as a platform! Jared experiments more with the tonics to get the best use out of them. Jared has to save another party member, and the party is split in half. Jared finds some pills, but doesn't know what they do. Jared panics as a large ghost flies past. Jared is told to flash light at shadows and tries to use his camera, but nothing happens.

Jared is worried about having to place wood down. Jared sends the remaining party members to collect some items including the wood. Jared forgets the candle and has to go back for it. Jared dodges a thrown chandelier. After several more battles, Jared dodges a thrown chair. Jared rescues a party member. Jared finds that the party member with the camera is stuck by themselves!

Akiko has to fight against a snake by herself. Akiko takes a lot of damage from a boulder trap.

Jared is frustrated as he has to run all the way back to find another piece of wood, as another party member falls.