Jared, Jeff, PBG and Brutalmoose continue playing Prop Hunt. Part 1 is here.

Upload Date February 11th 2016
Series Prop Hunt


Synopsis Edit

Jared talks about spicy food.

Jeff finds some burgers and wants to become one with Brutalmoose. Jared finds fake doors! Jared finds the burgers and hot dogs! Jared shoots every burger he sees! He sees a burger that jumps out the window, killing himself! Brutalmoose says that Jeff is a hot dog. PBG sees a moving hot dog and kills it!

The chat is cheating by donating and giving hints as to where the other people are. Jared has a good hiding spot that he made up on the spot. Brutalmoose went to PAX one year as ProJared and tells a story about it. Jared gets shot. He was very suspicious looking - and Jeff walked past him so many times. PBG is a can in a sink, and Jared is impressed. Jeff shoots nearby. PBG is scared as Jared taunts as Brutalmoose gets so close. The props win as PBG jumps in the sink after he wins.

Jared checks out the burgers. Jared thinks that Brutalmoose will always be a burger. They discuss how they are trying to eat healthily. They talk about drinking energy drinks and tells horror stories about energy drinks. Jared shoots a lamp and maniacally laughs while they continue the story. People are still donating money. A stool explodes in front of Jared.

Jared and PBG check the fridge after thinking that there was a clue in the donation. Jared shoots PBG on accident. Someone has looked directly at Brutalmoose twice. Jared sees him, and throws his grenade killing Brutalmosse with two seconds to go! Hunters win!

PBG and Jared both become rubbish bins. Jared laughs as they both hide inside each other. If they are found, Jared will accuse them of cheating. Brutalmoose and SpaceHamster walk up to them and shoot a grenade, killing them both! They all laugh, and Jared accuses them of cheating!

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