Jared dresses up his palico to take down a Kut-Ku.

KUT-KU vs KUT-KU! ¦ Monster Hunter Generations
Upload Date August 29th 2016
Series Monster Hunter Generations

Armor Set Armor Set: Kut-Ku S

Weapon: Hero's Blade S Hunter Style: Kitty

Synopsis Edit

Jared is going on a solo campaign. Jared is going on a revenge. He wants to hunt Kut-ku. Jared loves to fight the Kut-ku. Jared's palico, named JumJum, is dressed up as a Kut-ku. He looks adorable. JunJum has no relation to other Jum-Jum's. This is a quest for vengeance, and brings along his other palicos Delita and Bagoom.

Jared plays around with JumJum. Jared discusses his team's abilities, and the abilities of the palico. Jared starts to fight the Kut-ku. JumJum gets a combo attack. Jared shows off the super meter. JumJum plays his horn. JumJum throws a boomerang. The Kut-Ku gets away, and the three palicos chase it. Jared doesn't care that his other palicos have better armor, Jared wanted to play as a Kut-Ku! They continue to battle the Kut-Ku.

JumJum falls off a ledge and has to wait for the Kut-Ku to come down. JumJum is knocked down, and has to eat one of his acorns. JumJum goes into rage mode. JumJum plays the Health Horn. Suddenly, a Deviljho appears! Jared panics. Deviljho attacks and does a lot of damage to JumJum. JumJum dies. That was not supposed to happen!

Jared gets back into the game for vengeance! He finds the Kut-ku and throws a bomb, only for another monster to get in the way! JumJum breaks the Kut-Ku's face, and knocks it over. JumJum keeps on knocking Kut-Ku down. The Kut-Ku flies away. JumJum dances, and Jared laughs at how cute it is.

Jared find the Kut-Ku again, and mounts it. The Kut-Ku gets messed up, and JumJum wins. Jared carves up the Kut-ku. Jared shows off some gestures. He practices his shadowboxing. Jared discusses what else he can do in palico mode. Jared likes the dancing Kut-Ku to end the video.

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