Keeyot using Scratch.
Species Nincada
Status Dead

Caught Level 12, Route 6
Died Level 19, Route 8
Killer Swimmer ♀ Genevieve's Psyduck
Biggest Success Defeated Team Flare Grunt's Zubat
Death Quote EUH, EUUUH, EUUUUUUH! EUUUUUGH NUH! Oh god this Psyduck! This friken Psyduck!!

Keeyot was a Nincada Jared caught at Level 12. Upon catching him, there was some controversy over Keeyot's final evolution stage, in which he would receive a Ninjask and Shedinja if he had an extra slot available. However, Jared stated that he would keep the Ninjask and release the Shedinja in order to avoid breaking possible Nuzlocke rules.

Keeyot was named after a particular phrase that a character from the movie Team America: World Police shouted after lunging into a fighting stance.