Kodlett fighting a Doublade
Species Liepard
Status Dead

Caught Level 34, Route 15, Part 25
Died Level 35, Frost Cavern, Part 26
Killer Ace Trainer Cordelia's Doublade
Biggest Success Avenging Rathalos
Death Quote "Oh he's ghost? (grunts) Okay, bye Kodlett! He's ghost."
Kodlett was a female Liepard Jared caught in Part 25 with the help of Rathalos. Kodlett didn't get to do much, only surviving for a total of 2 parts.

Kodlett wasn't really that good, but one huge thing she did was avenging Rathalos. Then after that, she really didn't do much else expect for assisting in the capture of Scoogah and dying against Ace Trainer Cordelia's Doublade. Kodlett used one move against the Doublade. Fake Out. It had no affect.

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