Jared, Austin and Josh take on the Kushala Daora.

Kushala Daora Hunt! ¦ Monster Hunter Generations
Upload Date September 5th 2016
Series Monster Hunter Generations

Armor Set Armor Set: Master's

Weapon: Lunatic Rose Hunter Style: Striker

Synopsis Edit

Jared as usual is joined by Austin and Josh. They are both standing on him! Jared nicknames the elder dragon Kushala Daora "wingy farting bastard". Josh wants Jared to go all out as they eat their meal. Josh stomps on Jared's butt.

They get into the battle, and Jared pulls out his lightsabre. Kushala is knocked down. Jared completes the sidequest already! Jared gets knocked to the ground a few times making him feel dumb. Austin takes a huge hit and is almost killed. Austin has a poison gun, but didn't bring poison. Jared gets straight up punched! The Kushala Daora throws tornados at Austin. Kushala Daora casually leaves.

They find it again, and Jared is worried as he takes several hits. Jared mounts it. Kushala Daora moves around all over the place. It won't stand still! Jared hidoukens into a mount! Kushala Daora gets knocked to the ground. Josh cuts off its tail, while Austin paralyzes it. Kushala Daora leaves. Jared takes the tail.

The fight continues. Jared is knocked down. Austin attacks with attacks that fly in to deal the final hits and it dies. Jared advises players use poison, wind resistant armor and guns! Josh keeps on standing too close to Jared.

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