The characters are once again tortured, and Emily is still alive!

Lasting Longer Than I Thought | Until Dawn Part 11
Upload Date September 13th 2015
Series Until Dawn


Synopsis Edit

Chris and Ash found Sam, and then got captured. However, Jared feels good about stabbing the psychopath. There are saws above the group and Jared is unimpressed. Jared realizes that this is the gun part from the totem! The saws start coming down. Jared tries to shoot the saws. Jared tries to see other options, and points the gun towards Ashley by mistake! Jared isn't going to do anything.

The psychologist is angry at the clown mask man, and Jared is confused. Jared doesn't understand what is going on. Jared realized he screwed up again.

The next chapter has four hours until dawn, and Sam is shown. Jared is confused. Mike helps Sam, and Jared wonders how he got there. Jared is screwing up too much, and needs more totems. Sam and Mike get paired up together. Jared is confused that bullets don't stop the guy. The guy takes off the mask, and it is revealed to be Josh! Jared is angry, and says that he knew Josh was weird.

Emily is revealed to be alive - which sucks! Emily swings to safety, and Jared wonders if she could have died right there as it would be funny! Emily doesn't move, and Jared tells her to hurry up, but kind of wants her to stay there, as the building falls on her! Jared insults Emily for wasting $600 on her clothes. Jared doesn't care about Emily, and wants to go back to Josh.

Jared is confused. Jared thinks that Emily would be pissed at Matt no matter what. Jared thinks that he would have been fine if he had of shot himself as Chris.

Jared finds another clue with Emily, and he notes that none of the clues are adding up. Jared wonders if Emily will find Jess. Jared wants to check his butterflies. Jared finds a black totem, and is horrified by seeing Emily getting shot in the eye by Chris. Jared wonders why Chris would shoot her.

Jared tries to make a joke and ruins it, and finds it amusing how ladder falls onto Emily. Jared finds a rusted ladder, and starts singing Love Shack. Jared gets Emily to climb kind of safely. The quick time events are really fast. Jared is trying to work out how Josh survives, and thinks that he managed how to fake it.

Jared finds a red totem, and is confused by seeing a spooky hand trying to grab Chris. Chris stands by that Josh is one of the bad guys. Jared realizes that Emily was supposed to fall down here, and finds one of the girl's glasses. Jared can't find a way to leave. Jared looks at his totems to find the windmill.

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