Jared shows off some of Pokken Tournament.

Lucario Used Hadouken! | Pokken Tournament
Upload Date March 8th 2016
Series none


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing Pokken Tournament, and explains that he has been given a copy of the game, but can't show the full game without making cuts. Jared can only show so much. Jared has played a lot of the story mode already. He won't show any of the story mode.

Gengar is very fun to play as. Jared discusses other characters he likes. Jared discusses the Support Set Pokémon. Jared starts a battle, and explains how the game works. He talks about the Phase changes. Lapras does a lot of damage! Jared loses the first match.

Jared is playing on Hard as there was no challenge whatsoever. Gengar goes into his Mega Evolution form, which shoots laser beams. Jared wins the second match with a burst mode attack. Jared gets off a very good combo, getting a huge lead. Jared hits the wrong button, and ends up losing.

Jared mimics Suicune's stare. Jared now plays as Charizard. Jared tries to use aerial attacks, but is sent down to the ground. Charizard goes into mega form. Jared wins the first round with a powerful attack. Jared discusses more about Support Pokemon. Jared takes heavy damage in a combo, and loses the second battle. Jared wins the final match very easily.

Jared fights a Pikachu Libre with Blaziken. Jared loses the first match. Jared admits he hasn't mastered Blaziken yet. Blaziken takes out the second match with crazy fast moves. Jared wins the last battle, and explains that some moves and supports can't finish off a battle.

Jared plays as Lucario against Chandilure. The game is a simple fighter. Jared easily wins the first round. Lucario takes a huge hit from Chandilure, and goes on to lose the second round. Jared realizes he is in trouble after being hit by several combos and a laser beam. Jared loses the fight.

Jared advises new players to turn the adviser messages to off, otherwise she won't shut up!

Jared plays as Sceptile against Machamp. Sceptile gets destroyed by a powerful Machamp. Jared sends Magicarp out to help! Jared loses.

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