Jared fights wererats using a single magical arrow, and flees from specters.

Magical Booty ¦ Dungeon Hack #2
Upload Date December 13th 2016
Series D&December

Dungeon Hack


Synopsis Edit

Jared tests out the amulet, which once again takes him to the start of the dungeon. Jared finds a lock he needs to pick. He finds a pearl, which needs to go into a door. Jared easily takes out his enemies. He finds a lot of coins.

Jared eats and rests for a while. Jared has found the next level, but investigates the level some more. He finds a wand and a bow. Jared is terrified by a crawler, but kills it before it can paralyze him. Jared finds two keys. There is a weird looking switch. Jared fights a wererat. He runs away from it after wasting his wand on it.

Jared looks throughout the rest of the dungeon, hoping for a magical item to use on the wererat. Jared has no idea what the wand might do. He was doing well until the wererat showed up. The wand doesn't do anything. He tries the bow, hoping for a magic arrow. It worked!

Jared has to flee from a group of wererats. Jared gets a ring of Dexterity +1, making his Armor Class better. Jared reaches level 5. He finds another wand that shoots fireballs. Jared finds some more keys and a blue mallet. Jared comes across more wererats, and misses with his arrow, forcing him to use his fireballs. Jared is attacked by another wererat, and panics, getting down to 5 health before killing it.

Jared uses the coin machine to heal. Jared finds another shield and another ring. Jared is worried about having cursed items. Jared finds a holy symbols, and hears a scary noise. He kills some more wererats.

Jared finds a specter, and the door closes behind him. Jared panics and runs past it. He is afraid of having to fight it to get to the next area.

Jared gets beaten up by more wererats, and he runs back to heal. Jared accidentally shoots himself with the arrow! He gets through more fights with hobgoblins and wererats. Jared constantly has to switch between his sword and bow to kill hobgoblins and wererats. He gets down to 1 health left!

Jared uses the amulet to get back to the healing machine. Jared heals, and wonders how he will get through everything. Jared loses his last charge on a wererat, and loses his arrow.

"Wow Diath the 2nd is really doing well! I mean sure, finding so guantlets of ogre strength helps. And he's scared shitless of scpecters. But who isn't!? Maybe we can help him muster up some curage! By watching these awesome videos! Or you could like this video and leave a comment. Maybe even subscibe! Nothing aids heros like subing!"

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