Jared begins the Stairs trials, by jumping into paintings like in Super Mario 64! Except with journalism!

Mario 64-ing It | Stairs Part 4
Upload Date October 10th 2015
Series Stairs


Synopsis Edit

Jared is now out of the mineshaft, and is disappointed in himself that he started the video on a loading screen! Jared assumes that the guy who wrote the notes was dead. Jared is happy to see that he is outside now, and was worried that the whole game would have been a claustrophobic experience. Jared comments on the fact that the power poles don't have power lines.

Someone begins to talk to Jared. Jared is confused by it. Jared finds a chair covered in blood, and checks his journalism! Jared continues to investigates, and takes a photo of the map. Jared tries to read a message in another language, and apologizes for butchering it, and for being a dumb American. He asks if anyone can help him translate it for him.

Jared struggles to get under a fallen pole, claiming that the power of journalism will make him succeed. Jared finds floating dead bodies, and compliments them on their butts. Jared believes he needs to do some weird trials in order to join some weird cult. Jared wonders what happened to Valerie.

Jared spots a shadow person, and follows it. He soon loses it, and finds a location marked on the map. He takes photos of all the torture devices, and the door closes on him. Jared finds something that he needed, and the screen goes white. Jared doesn't know what is going on.

He is now in a new area. Jared has Mario 64'd himself into photos! Jared needs to find switches to open a door. Jared finds all the bookshelves with the hidden switches that he needs to take photos of to get them to appear using clues he finds. He hears the door click, and he liked the trial.

Jared gets a rose, before being teleported somewhere else. Jared finds a poem that doesn't even rhyme. He needs to Mario 64 into the photos again! He finds images on the walls, and realizes that he needs to solve the puzzle with the poem. He hears a click, and is satisfied in his success.

He gets another rose, and teleports to his new challenge. The man on the speaker talks about suicide, and Jared is grossed out by seeing a dead gutted body. Jared has completed the first trial, and he ends the video.

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