Jared finishes Blameless, and tries to get the different endings.

Maybe a Little Bit of Blame ¦ Blameless ENDING
Upload Date October 31st 2016
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Jared continues playing Blameless. Jared can walk through the sink. Jared finds the Caulk room. "That's caulk room, not the sexier alternative." Jared finds a dead body under some cardboard. She has the key - and a massive thumb.

Jared unlocks a door and finds a toolbag. Jared wants to take the crowbar. Jared makes another remix. Jared can't figure out what he needs to do. After a really long while, Jared finds another door to open, and is mad about it. Jared finds a ladder. He tries to open the garage door, which breaks.

Jared realizes that he can now go back to activate the fuse box. "Realistc fuse box mechanics!" Jared gets an achievement for getting on the roof. Something starts chasing Jared. Police arrive to arrest Jared. Jared wonders if he screwed up. Jared admits that he did take the victim's wallet. "The real crime is this voice acting!" Jared demands they roll credits after the name of the game is dropped. The credits roll. It is one of the better indie games that Jared has played like this.

Jared decides to try again and won't take the wallet. With nothing in his inventory, Jared starts to fix the fuse box. The character is injured, and Jared loses his flashlight. The garage door opens, and the man appears. The ending plays out the same. The only difference is that it didn't mention the wallet.

Jared tries letting the guy catch him. Jared is bonked on the head and dies. Jared finds it funny. Jared wishes he could finish the game without using the dead woman.

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