Mongo using Smelling Salts on Teeckadee
Species Hariyama
Status Dead

Caught Level 23, Route 11
Died Level 23, Route 11
Killer Brains & Brawn Frank & Sly's Mr Mime
Biggest Success Being in more than one episode
Death Quote Nope-No Mongo! Ughrrr...

Mongo was a Pokemon Jared caught at Level 23. Mongo is known for having one of the shortest life-spans in the entire Nuzlocke series, lasting from the end of Part 14 , to the middle of Part 15.

Mongo only took part in one match, which was against Brains & Brawn Frank & Sly. Despite fierce resistance against Teeckadee during her capture, Mongo was taken down by only two Psybeams from Mr Mime, failing to initiate any attack before she met her fate.

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