Similar to his Beginner's Guide to Monster Hunter series, this video is about teaching a noob how to play Monster Hunter 3 Ulitmate, only this time, he has a noob playing alongside him - SuperMCGamer.

Monster Hunter Nooblets with SuperMCGamer Part 1
Upload Date November 15th 2013
Series Monster Hunter Nooblets


Synopsis Edit

They discuss the weaponry available. SuperMCGamer investigates the shop. Jared surprises him by stating that he has 13 pages worth of items available from the store. They decide to harvest their items, rather than buying from the store because SuperMCGamer doesn't like the shopkeeper.

They begin their first mission of picking herbs and plants. Jared shows off the supply box and goes through the items. Jared sees some enemies and orders SuperMCGamer to kill them. SuperMCGamer accidentally sharpens his hammer instead. SuperMCGamer wails his hammer all over the place and only hits the monsters once. All of the monsters manage to escape.

The pair harvest unique mushrooms. A 'bear' appears. SuperMCGamer wonders how to play dead. He does put some solid hits in. SuperMCGamer almost gets eaten, so Jared has to intervene and rescue him. The 'bear' runs away, so SuperMCGamer accidentally uses his super move. They continue picking herbs, and improve the healing items. Jared leads SuperMCGamer is order to find a cave to find items to upgrade his hammer. They finish the quest, and go to bed.

Back in town, SuperMCGamer empties his item pouch, before going to the Smithy to upgrade SuperMCGamer's armor. He doesn't have the materials to upgrade what he has, but he buys a pair of gloves, and helmet. They discuss getting a better hammer, and make a goal to get a full set of chain mail armor, and upgrade his hammer.