Jared continues to teach SuperMCGamer how to play Monster Hunter after their first adventure.

Monster Hunter Nooblets w/SuperMCGamer Part 2
Upload Date November 21st 2013
Series Monster Hunter Nooblets


Synopsis Edit

SuperMCGamer now has a full set of chain mail armor and a fancy new hammer, as he points out to sea / throws a football. The pair start preparing for their first real fight. They get to their location, and find many new items in the supply chest than before.

They begin looking for their monster, and SuperMCGamer takes a while to find him. They see it in the sky, but just miss it. They get to another area and find it. The fight begins.

SuperMCGamer tries to shoot it with a paintball gun - but misses. SuperMCGamer gets bitten and trampled, and occasionally gets a hit in. The monster leaves to another area, so they chase it. The fight continues, and the monster steals SuperMCGamer's dung that he found. Jared lays a trap and sets bombs, while SuperMCGamer attacks and breaks its wing. The monster leaves again.

They find it, and continue to attack. A 'bear' is summoned. SuperMCGamer hits the 'bird' with the poop instead of the 'bear'. The 'bear' runs away anyway. The 'bird' leaves again and they contine travelling around to find it. SuperMCGamer is set on fire for the fourth time and is almost killed, meanwhile Jared breaks it's beak and the 'bear' returns. Jared gets rid of the 'bear', and the monster they were after leaves once more. It is limping, and is almost dead, but it escapes again.

SuperMCGamer gets tail-whipped, and makes a Pokémon joke. Finally, the monster goes down. They carve it up, and finish the quest. Jared shows SuperMCGamer a much bigger monster.