After training SuperMCGamer, Jared tries another challenge with SuperPaniLand, who is slightly more experienced than the previous student.

Monster Hunter Nooblets with SuperPaniLand!
Upload Date December 19th 2013
Series Monster Hunter Nooblets


Synopsis Edit

SuperPaniLand is dressed as a pink teddy bear. She has had more experience with the game than SuperMCGamer from previous Nooblet episodes, but is still at Hunter Rank 1. Jared proposes to fight a Gobal, as SuperPaniLand has not fought one before. She makes fun of its name. They do their final preparations before heading out.

Jared gives SuperPaniLand a sparkly frog, which she then uses to fish. The Gobal slowly appears, but the tactic didn't quite work, so they dive underwater looking for it. It surprise attacks them, and almost eats SuperPaniLand. It heads to the surface and escapes.

They find it again and continue the fight. SuperPaniLand gets paralyzed after being hit by the tail. She manages to hit its belly. The monster leaves to an above water area. Jared gets rid of smaller enemies. SuperPaniLand gets blinded, and accidentally turns the chat on. SuperPaniLand manages to knock it out of hiding, and helps Jared get rid of its lantern.

Back underwater, SuperPaniLand gets a good bunch of hits on it. The two slash at the tail while the Gobal tries to hide underground, but SuperPaniLand forces it back up again. The Gobal manages to paralyze her though. Both Jared and SuperPaniLand get crushed by the Gobal rolling on them. Jared laughs when it rolls again and gets SuperPaniLand a second time. It escapes back underwater again. Jared removes the tail.

Jared encourages the monster to fall into a trap and plants explosives on it, and slashes at it, before it slowly limps out. Back underwater, and SuperPaniLand gets the last hit in. She carves it up to get its spikes and a paralyzes sac. Jared is impressed at how SuperPaniLand did during the fight. Mission complete.