Jared is playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from E3 2016.

NEW ZELDA!! | Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [E3]
Upload Date June 15th 2016
Series E3 2016


Synopsis Edit

Jared is playing the new Zelda from E3. He has to do it over the shoulder. A lot of people do previews, but Jared wants to show him just playing. He fiddles around and works out how to use his weapons. He blows himself up with a bomb. It damaged him a lot!

He climbs a tree, and shoots at a boar, but falls out of the tree just before he shoots! He shows the map - which is huge. Jared wants to get a treasure.

Jared lights his cauldron. He wants to cook his steak, but can't figure it out. Jared states that it was not true that this is the first game that Link could jump in. It was in Zelda II.

Jared learns how to sneak up to bokoblins, and explains how the mechanic works. He climbs a tree near the bokoblin camp. He watches the bokoblin freaking out over a boar. Jared starts shooting at the archers, and makes a headshot! Jared kills the other bokoblins, and is rewarded with a treasure chest. Jared finds an opal in the chest.

Jared is amused by the way Link scoffs down the mushroom. Jared asks if stamina can be upgraded over time. Some food that Link eats can do this.

Jared watches a bokoblin scratching his own butt - before sniffing and licking it! Jared is spotted, and kills the bokoblin. His bow is heavily damaged, and Jared makes a joke about his bow's emotional issues. The other bokoblins swarm around Jared. Jared dodges, and is surprised by the counter attack. Jared learns that spin attacking takes stamina. Jared opens a chest to find another opal.

Jared finds an important looking object that he wants to get to. Jared decides to try to swim to it, but there is a mountain in the way. There are a lot of things to collect in this game. He finds another camp fire, and finds another bokoblin to kill. Jared notices that there are treasure chests everywhere as he finds the Fire Rod. He uses the rod, and a large area is set on fire to his surprise! Jared discusses how they changed the rod - as the fire is still going! Jared runs away from the scene of the crime.

Jared climbs up a pillar. He gets close to the top and loses some stamina. He almost reaches it, and falls to the ground, taking a lot of damage. He eats a lot of food to get his health back, and climbs back up, this time using a box. Jared gets half way up, and time runs out on the demo. He feels cheated!

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