Jared delivers tacos in a Crazy Taxi-like game called Tacopocalypse.

Upload Date February 4th 2016
Series None


Synopsis Edit

Jared explains the plot of Tacopocalypse. The Indie Box gave Jared the game. Jared is a car, and he has to deliver tacos! He plays around with the controls, and performs tricks. He does a massive flip, and manages to nail the landing! He delivers his first taco, and only gets 97 cents! The tacos are cheap! He performs a massive flip to deliver his second taco. His third taco is soon delivered.

He needs to head back to the taco shop. He refills his tacos, and delivers his taco. Jared finds the car flipping hilarious. Jared wants to find out how to grind. He can't get over a small hill. He delivers one more taco before time runs out. He delivers 5 of 25 tacos! Jared laughs as he sees his horrible score. It's hard!

He tries again, and drives slightly up a building! He flips high into the air and delivers a taco. He refills his tacos. Jared finds that he can take chunks off of buildings. He delivers the second batch of tacos and goes to fill up. This game is a cross between Tony Hawk, Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi. Jared finally performs a grind, before crashing around trying to do it again.He jumps over a delivery, and the game soon ends. He delivered 8/25 this time.

Jared looks into the customization. Jared is amused by the names of the colors. He puts a ninja paint job on his car, and puts a cactus on the hood! Jared's car is way better than it was before!

Jared starts again, and finds that there is a ninja on the underside of the car! Jared accidentally delivers some tacos as he flips around through the air. Jared crashes his way back to the delivery place. It took him a long time to get back to get more tacos. Jared gets rammed by another car. Jared finds that his last delivery was right next to the delivery place. He struggles to get the last few, and gets 10/25.

The game was pretty fun for what it was!

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