Narbles using Scratch.
Species Meowth
Status Dead

Caught Level 10, Route 5
Died Level 13, Diglett's Cave
Killer Wild Diglett
Biggest Success Levelled up three times in off-screen grinding (possibly through indirect battle assists)
Death Quote TAKE IT NARBLES TAKE IT!...NAOOOOOOO!! It's all my fault...

Narbles was a Meowth that Jared caught at Level 10. Narbles was caught and had her fate met in the episode, Diglett's Cave. Despite her short appearance on Jared's team, she managed to level up three times from wild and trainer (assist) battles, until she entered the Diglett's Cave.

There, Jared made the grave mistake of keeping Narbles as a starting Pokemon, with a wild Diglett's Arena Trap preventing him from switching to someone else. This led to Jared spamming potions onto Narbles, up until the Diglett landed a critical hit with the move Dig. Jared exclaimed later in the battle that it was his own fault for Narbles' death.

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