Jared begins playing a simulation cam girl game.

No White Chicks | HunieCam Studio #1
Upload Date April 5th 2016
Series HunieCam Studio


Synopsis Edit

Jared plays HunieCam Studio and can live out his dream of becoming a cam girl! This game has some mature themes. Jared reads through the bios and selects Nikki. Jared gets an achievement for moving the girl's avatar across the screen!

Jared complains that the photo shoot only took 15 minutes. Jared's rule going into this is no white chicks. Jared appreciates the casual dialog. Jared finds the dick trophies hilarious and he wants it! Jared is given more women to choose from. He recruits Zoey.

The people really like Zoey. Nikki is a little too white for Jared's liking. Some more people appear. Jared continues to get more fans. Jared invests in inventory, and is now allowed to buy drugs and sex toys. Jared doesn't want to give the girls coke. Jared puts Sarah in. Jared quickly gets into debt and is yelled at for it.

Jared checks out the items, and is confused by some of them. He wonders if he should get Zoey some nickotine patches, as she smokes often. He gets a subscriber pillow instead. Jared is told that he needs to buy cigarettes and booze.

Jared likes the idea of the chubby asian Beli. Jared thinks that this game is well thought out, and he wants to play more. He is surprised that there aren't tits in your face the whole time. It makes Jared want to play more.

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