Notorious Nerscylla! - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate w/ PBG!
Upload Date February 5th 2015
Series none


Jared is going out to fight something he has never seen before; a Nerscylla, but he's too scared to do it alone, so he's going with PBG.

Synopsis Edit

Jared walks over to where PBG is, and finds him dancing. Jared and PBG go through their inventories, and decide to kill the Nerscylla. They come across their arachnid monster, and Jared gets paralyzed by the web, as PBG tries to just attack it. Both Jared and PBG are amazed at how tough this guy is. Jared also gets poisoned followed by 'sleepy juice'. The Nerscylla appears to be ignoring PBG for the most part.

Eventually, Jared manages to climb up onto the monster to attack it, while PBG 'hits on it' too. It keeps on falling through the web when it is attacked. This repeats several times. Jared gets trapped in the web again. The monster then leaves.

They find it again, and PBG lays down a trap, and Pixel (PBG's follower) hits a bomb that Jared was trying to set up. Jared falls asleep again. After PBG and Jared attack it some more, the Nerscylla leaves.

Jared discovers he can't lay a trap in this new area, and PBG is struggling. Jared almost dies to poison and a charging spider. Bagoom (Jared's follower) goes down. Jared manages to get onto it again. Jared and PBG manage to put a lot more damage in. They can't tell whether or not the Nerscylla is limping as it runs away.

Jared gets stuck in another web. PBG lays down a trap, but it doesn't work. It runs away. Jared finds the Nerscylla sleeping. Soon after starting the fight, PBG dies. Jared is poisoned. PBG starts to head back to the fight. PBG tries to jump on the Nerscylla, but misses.

Bagoom and Pixel distract the Nerscylla. The Nerscylla falls into a trap that Jared and PBG are standing behind, and dies. They celebrate by dancing.