Some notes about each of the Pokemon used during the Nuzlocke series. This information will likely eventually end up on each Pokemon's page.

FireRed Edit

Lagiacrus - Modest nature, male, with the ability Torrent

Oh,he - ?, female, Keen Eye

Beatrice - ?, female, ?

Quip - male

Shammerham - female

Halbird - male, Brave, Keen Eye

Jeflump (8) - Hardy nature, Inner Focus, female

Nuptup - female, Chyloryphyll

Narples - female

Klilocanth - female - Arena Trap - Quirky nature

Drubble - male

Orn - male

Splodey - no gender

Hahlithick - male

Xanatos - male

Wepler - male

Burden - male, hardy, Immunity

Stellar - Serious nature, Shell Armor, male

Bibtusa - Compound Eyes, male

Blamblegam - Naughty, female

Rembit - Adament, Intimidate, female

Vettra - Poison Point, female

Q (Serious, Sturdy), no gender

Leebin - Lonely, Clear Body, female

Wiggleywoo - Docile, female 

Dacador - Careful, Pressure, male

Idilsor, female,

Farf - female, Quiet nature, Vital Spirit

Gworvan - female

Pokemon Y Edit

Chespin Ability: Overgrow (male)

Pidgey (female) Keen Eye, Modest nature

Pansage (male) Gluttony, Relaxed nature

Fletchling (male) Ability: Big Pecks Nature: Naughty, Characteristic: Takes plenty of siestas, Flame body (after evolving)

Psyduck - male

Flabebe (female), Flower Veil

Rathalos (Blaze, Mild Nature, Sturdy body Characteristic)

Nincada (male), Compound Eyes ability, bashful nature

Seviper (male), Timid nature, Shed Skin

Sandile (female), Calm nature, Moxie Ability

Cubone (female), Quirky nature, Lightning Rod ability

Eevee (male) Run Away

Mongo (female)

Tyrunt (no name, Naughty nature, Lv 20, Strong Jaw, male <released this episode>)

Luvdisc (female, Ability: Swift Swim Nature: Rash)

Magicarp (male (as Gyarados: Intimidate))

Mr. Mime (male, Ability: Filter, Careful nature)

Chatot (male, Keen Eye, )

Lucario (male)

Kodlett (female)

Zimlan (male) (Jolly nature, Water Absorb)

Haunter, female (Levitate)

Klefki (female) (Prankster)

Dark Cry Edit

Chimchar - Quiet nature, Blaze, male

Starly - male, Timid, Keen Eye

Bidoof (male, sassy, pickup)

Pachirisu (female, relaxed, Keen Eye)

Spearow (female, Keen Eye)

Zubat (female, Inner Focus)

Rattata (female, Run Away)

Meowth (female, relaxed, pickup)

Abra (male, (as Kadabra) Synchronize)

Caterpie (male, (as Butterfree) Compound Eyes)

Alpha Sapphire Edit

Treecko (males, Overgrow, mild nature, characteristic: good endurance)

Wurmple (male Shield dust (as Dustox)

Lotad (male, Rain Dish, hasty, likes to fight)

Poochyena (male, Quick Feet, Gentle, often lost in thought)

Wingull (male, Naughty nature, Keen Eye ability)

Slakoth (male, Truant, mild, loves to eat)

Skitty (female, Cute Charm, naughty)

Whismur (female)

Abra (LV 10 male)

Plusle (male, plus)

Zigzagoon (female, Gluttony, bold)

Geodude (male, Sturdy, Impish)

Machop (male, Careful, Guts)

Numel (male, Jolly, Oblivious)

Spinda (female)

Swablu (female, Natural Cure)

Zubat (male, lv 16, defeated at Meteor Falls)

Latias (female, Levitate)

Electrike (female)

Tropius (male)

Kecleon (male, Color Change)

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