Jared continues to search for new members to add to his party.

Upload Date June 11th 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Venonat (Bibtusa, Route 15, Lv 24)

Seaking (Peridon, Fushia City, Lv 25) Failed: Nidorino (Safari Zone, Lv 33)

Deaths none
Starting team Nuptup (Lv 33), Jeflump (Lv 34), Burden (Lv 30), Birdiche (Lv 30)
Ending team Nuptup (Lv 33), Jeflump (Lv 34), Burden (Lv 30), Birdiche (Lv 30), Bibtusa (Lv 24), Peridon (Lv 25)
Badges 4
Locations Fushia City, Safari Zone, Route 15, Saffron City

Synopsis Edit

Jared heads into the Safari Zone looking for a new team member. He can only find one Pokemon in the Safari Zone. He is frustrated when he finds a boring Nidorino. It runs straight away! Jared has never seen an animal so afraid of food! Jared finds Steel Wing. He finds the Gold Teeth was five steps away from the sign that was put up to find them!

Jared finds Surf. He teaches Surf to Burden. He tries to use Surf, but can't until he gets a new badge. He has to leave the Safari Zone, but has to go back in and get more items, and yell at the old man for being materialistic for his gold teeth! The old man gives Jared Strength, and once again it goes to Burden.

Jared decides to go to Route 15 to fight some more trainers. Nuptup makes its enemies pay dearly! Jared runs in the grass until he finds a Venonat. He sends out Nuptup to put it to sleep before weakening it and catching it. He was named Bibtusa.

Jared teaches Steel Wing to Jeflump to replace the useless Astonish. Nuptup is taught Giga Drain. Jared loves the sound effect. Jared goes fishing in Fushia City. He catches a Seaking, apparently stealing it from someone's pool! He calls her Peridon.

Jared finally has a full team again! He teaches Seaking Surf. Jared decides to start clearing out some Team Rocket members.

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