Jared struggles his way through Silph Co. It isn't very effective.

The Rocket Brothers
Upload Date June 20th 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught none
Deaths Jeflump (Lv 34)

Birdiche (Lv 31) Peridon (Lv 26)

Starting team Nuptup (Lv 33), Jeflump (Lv 34), Burden (Lv 30), Birdiche (Lv 30), Bibtusa (Lv 24), Peridon (Lv 25)
Ending team Nuptup (Lv 34), Burden (Lv 31), Bibtusa (Lv 24)
Badges 4
Locations Silph Co.

Synopsis Edit

Jared enters the Silph Co., and states that he hates this place. Jared finds the first grunt, and shows off how stronger his Golbat is. The grunt wastes Jared's time with Zubats before sending out a Raticate. Nuptup destroys everything with not very effective attacks! Jared finds another worried box to talk to.

A Weezing self destructs, taking out Jeflump! Jared screams and wails. He leaves the Silph Co to release it. Jared fights a Golbat and says he doesn't care. Nuptup is instantly taken down to 1 health! Jared now states that he does care!

Jared is frustrated by everything that explodes, as another Electrode appears and Self Destructs! Jared finds another Weezing, and switches to Burden knowing that it could explode! A Koffing Self Destructs, which kills Birdiche! Jared cries out gibberish, and cries for his second best bird pun!

ANOTHER Weezing appears. Thankfully, Burden has no problem taking it down. Peridon fights a Kadabra that keeps on spamming Recover, and eventually stabs it to death. Peridon fights a Mr. Mime that somehow knows Magical Leaf, and is taken out by it! Jared is now down to just three Pokemon left.

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