On this episode of Nuzlocke, Jared takes on Guidjit once more!

From Beyond the Grave
Upload Date July 18th 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught none
Deaths Vettra (Lv 36)
Starting team Nuptup (Lv 37), Burden (Lv 33), Stellar (Lv 34), Blamblegam (Lv 30), Vettra (Lv 35), Rembit (Lv 25)
Ending team Nuptup (Lv 40), Burden (Lv 34), Stellar (Lv 35), Blamblegam (Lv 36), Rembit (Lv 28)
Badges 4
Locations Silph Co., Route 5, various routed during the grinding montage, Route 12

Synopsis Edit

Jared is still going around fighting Zubat's and explosives in Silph Co. Burden gets called in for Bomb Disposal. Jared finds a guy in a hallway that goes nowhere. Jared realizes why he was put in this hallway, as he has two Rattatas and a Zubat. Jared wonders whether he wants to continue on to fight the rival yet or not.

He decides that he may do some more grinding. He takes Rembit back to the day care center, which is totally not a rip off! He finds some more trainers to fight, and Blamblegam bites things - which is a show Jared would watch! He makes some puns about Blamblegam biting things.

A montage of Jared's grinding plays. Jared goes back to get Rembit. Rembit has only grown up by one level! Jared is annoyed, and gives Gyarados Hyper Beam. Jared is finally ready for Guidjit.

They finally fight. Stellar takes out Pidgeot with Aurora Beam. Jared takes the best of both teams against each other - Nuptup vs Venasaur, before putting in Stellar, but switches Stellar out just as it wakes up. Burden gets bored with sleeping. Jared realizes that Venusaur's move pool sucks, and Burden keeps on waking up instead of using Snore, but struggles to stay in the fight.

Vettra comes out to fight Gyarados, but is killed from a critical hit! However, her dying breath poisons Gyarados! While Blamblegam is fighting Gyarados, the poison from Vettra ends up taking it out, and Jared cheers!

Rembit arrives to fight Growlithe. Rembit wins easily. Finally, Guidjit sends out Alakazam, and Jared knows that Alakazam is fast, and Jared tries to use Hyper Beam. It misses, frustrating Jared! However, on the next turn, Hyper Beam does a critical hit to take out Alakazam, and Jared wins!

Jared is relieved that he won.

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