Jared fights Giovanni in this episode of Nuzlocke.

I Am Rich
Upload Date July 23rd 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Lapras (Jorm, Silph Co., Lv 25)
Deaths none
Starting team Nuptup (Lv 40), Burden (Lv 34), Stellar (Lv 35), Blamblegam (Lv 36), Rembit (Lv 29)
Ending team Nuptup (Lv 40), Burden (Lv 34), Stellar (Lv 35), Blamblegam (Lv 36), Rembit (Lv 31), Jorm (Lv 25)
Badges 4
Locations Silph Co., Saffron City

Synopsis Edit

Guidjit continues to be a jerk, and Jared is given a Lapras. Jared finds another Team Rocket member to fight. Jared finds a Revive in a tree, not useful at all! Jared finds Giovanni, and begins to fight him. Giovanni has Nidorino, while Jared uses Rembit. Rembit takes it down with Dragon Rage.

Ryhorn is sent out, and Rembit surfs it to death. Jared isn't sure what to use against Kangaskhan, so uses Burden to be safe. Burden wins the fight, even though Burden took a lot of damage. Nidoqueen is sent out, and it is a higher level than any of Jared's Pokémon. Jared aims to lower its stats with Rembit, but Rembit becomes paralyzed, so Stellar is swapped in with his defense.

Stellar gets some good hits in, but Jared doesn't want to take risks, and switches between Rembit and Stellar, before finishing it off with Nuptup. Giovanni is defeated with no losses! Jared puts on a gentleman's voice for the president. The president gives Jared the Master Ball.

Jared is disappointed that he got Lapras instead of Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee. He goes into the Fighting Dojo for experience, and one of the trainers in there yells at him for trespassing! Jared remembers his Mankey, and realizes how long his journey has been. Nuptup drains Primate's health, and Jared mocks it.

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