Jared takes out the Fighting Dojo, and starts to work on the Fuchsia City gym.

Hurr Hurr
Upload Date August 1st 2013
Series FireRed Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught none
Deaths Burden (Lv 34)
Starting team Nuptup (Lv 40), Burden (Lv 34), Stellar (Lv 35), Blamblegam (Lv 36), Rembit (Lv 31), Jorm (Lv 35)
Ending team Nuptup (Lv 40), Burden (Lv 37), Stellar (Lv 37), Blamblegam (Lv 36), Rembit (Lv 36), Jorm (Lv 35)
Badges 4
Locations Saffron City, Route 11, Route 12, Fuchsia City, Route 15 (more grinding routes)

Synopsis Edit

Jared continues defeating Mankeys and Primapes in the Fighting Dojo.

Rembit easily takes down Hitmonlee, and sees Hitmonchan, and wonders if it has Thunder Punch, and decides to leave the burden to Burden. Burden gets paralyzed. Burden gets taken out, but Jared isn't too fazed. Nuptup easily takes the fire punch, and takes Hitmonchan down easily. Jared takes Hitmonlee, but can't keep it. He releases Burden.

Everyone in the chat takes about Burden, but Jared can't think of anything good that Burden really did. Jared never liked Burden, and never forgave him for what he did! Stellar is stellar at bomb disposal anyway!

Jared heads into the Fuchsia City gym. He finds a Hypno, and Blamblegam gets down to half health. Jared isn't sure what to do, so he switches to Rembit. Rembit also takes a big hit! Rembit uses Hyper Beam, but it doesn't do enough damage, and Hypno allows Rembit to stay in the fight by stupidly Headbutting Rembit! Jared is happy with that, and decides to use Thrash to take Hypno out.

Jared takes the first trainer out, and wonders who's idea it was to put a psychic Pokémon in the poison gym! Jared needs to grind more. He jokes about putting Jorm into the Day Care! The is another montage of Jared grinding.

Jared goes past the cheating psychic trainer, before heading on to the next guy, who was once a magician, then dreamed of became a ninja. However, he is actually a juggler! Jared finds that this guy is another psychic trainer! The third trainer finally has a poison Pokémon.

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